Grant Lahood has been writing and directing (and sometimes shooting and editing) films, TV, commercials and web content for more than 20 years.

He has twice had short films – ‘The Singing Trophy’ and  ‘Lemming Aid’-  selected for competition at the prestigious Cannes film festival – and was awarded jury prizes on both occasions.



Screen credits include…


SNAIL’S PACE (1989)           -Short Film -               Writer/Producer/Director.

A garden snail’s high speed mission to cross the road for a a feast of lettuce.


THE END (1990)                   -Short Film -               Writer/Producer/Director.

Black comedy about an unusual day in the life of a gravedigger.


THE SINGING TROPHY (1992)   -Short Film -       Writer/Director.

Comedy about a hunter/taxidermist whose bizarre collection of mounted animal trophies sing Strauss’ “The Blue Danube” to him.


LEMMING AID (1994)         -Short Film -               Writer/Director/Editor.

A group of NZ animal rights activists travel to Norway to stop the annual mass suicide of Lemmings.


CHICKEN (1996)                   -Feature Film -           Writer/Director.

Black comedy about an ageing rock star who fakes his own death in an attempt to revive his flagging career.


ARC (2000)                            -Dance Film -                        Producer/Co-Director/Editor.

A Trilogy of solo works choreographed and performed by New Zealand dance legend Douglas Wright.


KOMBI NATION (2002)       -Feature Film -           Writer/Director/Performer/Editor

Mockumentary road movie which follows a group of young New Zealanders on a Kombi van trip around Europe.


BOGANS (2003)       -Short Film -               Director/Executive Producer/Editor.

Three kiwi lads attempt to convince Peter Jackson to cast them as Hobbits in his multi million dollar Lord of the Rings movie.


BAD DATES (2005)              -Short Film -               Producer/Director/Writer/Editor.

A group of mismatched singles come together for a disastrous speed date evening.


NATHAN HAINES’ FAMILY ALBUM (2005)    -Arts documentary -        Director.

Jazz musician Nathan Haines joins his father, brother and the NZ Symphony Orchestra in the concert of a lifetime.


CHOP OFF (2006)                -Short Film -   Producer/Director/Writer/Editor.

Three woodchoppers face off in a battle between old and young.


ANZAC SONGS (2007)        – One hour documentary -  Writer/Director/Camera

Singer Jackie Clarke investigates the history of New Zealand war music.


INTERSEXION (2012)    – Documentary feature –   Writer/Director/Camera/Editor.

An exploration into the lives of Intersex people from around the world.


SPRUNG (2012)                    – Short Film – Writer/Director/Editor.

Young Guy takes a novel approach to making that impressive basketball shot.


A LOAD OF TROUBLE (2015)   – Short Film – Writer/Producer/Director/Editor.

A lonely man, on his weekly visit to the Laundromat, goes on a strange voyage of discovery to solve one of the great mysteries of life.


SYBIL’S PSYCHIC HOTLINE  (2017)   – Short Film – Writer/Producer/Director

A depressed and bedridden woman makes a call to a Psychic phone line and receives a message that does nothing to improve her outlook.