Born in small town Taranaki, New Zealand in 1962.Snowdome with Grant name on white

Career in the film industry began in 1983 as an assistant in a video production company, initially training as a Lighting Cameraman before moving into Directing full time after the success of first short film Snail’s Pace.

Has been writing, producing and directing (and sometimes shooting and editing) film, TV, commercials and web content ever since.

Has twice had short films selected for competition at the prestigious Cannes film festival. On both occasions – in 1993 with ‘The Singing Trophy’ and 1994 with ‘Lemming Aid’ was awarded jury prizes.



Screen credits include…


SNAIL’S PACE (1989)           -Short Film -               Writer/Producer/Director.

A garden snail’s high speed mission to cross the road for a a feast of lettuce.


THE END (1990)                   -Short Film -               Writer/Producer/Director.

Black comedy about an unusual day in the life of a gravedigger.


THE SINGING TROPHY (1992)   -Short Film -       Writer/Director.

Comedy about a hunter/taxidermist whose bizarre collection of mounted animal trophies sing Strauss’ “The Blue Danube” to him.


LEMMING AID (1994)         -Short Film -               Writer/Director/Editor.

A group of NZ animal rights activists travel to Norway to stop the annual mass suicide of Lemmings.


CHICKEN (1996)                   -Feature Film -           Writer/Director.

Black comedy about an ageing rock star who fakes his own death in an attempt to revive his flagging career.


ARC (2000)                            -Dance Film -                        Producer/Co-Director/Editor.

A Trilogy of solo works choreographed and performed by New Zealand dance legend Douglas Wright.


KOMBI NATION (2002)       -Feature Film -           Writer/Director/Performer/Editor

Mockumentary road movie which follows a group of young New Zealanders on a Kombi van trip around Europe.


BOGANS (2003)       -Short Film -               Director/Executive Producer/Editor.

Three kiwi lads attempt to convince Peter Jackson to cast them as Hobbits in his multi million dollar Lord of the Rings movie.


BAD DATES (2005)              -Short Film -               Producer/Director/Writer/Editor.

A group of mismatched singles come together for a disastrous speed date evening.


NATHAN HAINES’ FAMILY ALBUM (2005)    -Arts documentary -        Director.

Jazz musician Nathan Haines joins his father, brother and the NZ Symphony Orchestra in the concert of a lifetime.


CHOP OFF (2006)                -Short Film -   Producer/Director/Writer/Editor.

Three woodchoppers face off in a battle between old and young.


ANZAC SONGS (2007)        – One hour documentary -  Writer/Director/Camera

Singer Jackie Clarke investigates the history of New Zealand war music.


INTERSEXION (2012)    – Documentary feature –   Writer/Director/Camera/Editor.

An exploration into the lives of Intersex people from around the world.


SPRUNG (2012)                    – Short Film – Writer/Director/Editor.

Young Guy takes a novel approach to making that impressive basketball shot.


A LOAD OF TROUBLE (2015)   – Short Film – Writer/Producer/Director/Editor.

A lonely man, on his weekly visit to the Laundromat, goes on a strange voyage of discovery to solve one of the great mysteries of life.